Our Projects


  1. 1. Documenting successful case stories of Climate Resilient Farmers

There are severe and challenging climatic conditions such as frequent floods, drought, silting on land etc. During and post 2020 lockdown Fourth Dimension establish contact, identified and shortlisted successful small and marginal climate resilient farmers. Thereafter detailed interviews were conducted with each of the farmers. The entire assignment was carried remotely post lockdown. The final stories highlight farmer’s efforts on early warning systems and adopting various climate resilient farming methods, innovations and techniques to address severe and challenging climatic conditions and have demonstrated improve in farm productivity.

  1. 2.  BCC Strategy, Communication & Advocacy Action Plan

Fourth Dimension was engaged to develop Bihar specific BCC Strategy, Communication & Advocacy Action Plan. The action plan complements State Health Society, Bihar (SHSB) initiative to synergize the impact rolling out framework ensuring participatory involvement of all key stakeholders. These stakeholders had defined roles for Public Health & Engineering Department (PHED), SHSB, ICDS, SC/ST, SSA, Panchayat Raj, Mahadalit Mission, JEEViKA, Mahila Samkhya and Women Development Corporation. It worked towards addressing the identified objective needs under overall Health sector in Bihar. The action plan also included series of counseling and media advocacy events and workshops to be organized at different platforms.

  1. 3.  PRA cartoon journal

Fourth Dimension founder member authored few films on PRA myths and a PRA cartoon journal initially in English titled – PRATOON for Praxis Institute of Participatory Practices. He developed all the caricatures for the publication. The booklet is popular among the development professionals not only in India but abroad used as effective training material. It was printed in four editions in English, Hindi and other vernaculars.

  1. 4.  Media prototypes

Fourth Dimension developed media prototypes to introduce the concept of family planning for tribal masses for UNFPA Rajasthan. FD conducted socio-cultural research study in two tribal blocks of Rajasthan - Dungerpur and Salumber to develop appropriate Communication Strategy. Thereafter designed contextual relevant creative & media prototypes on best ways to effectively introduce and communicate concept of family planning and family contraceptives for the tribal masses. Set of interactive games & puzzles were developed for married couples to be played in local melas/haats, wall Torans, local display materials to target young community members. Set of interactive games & puzzles were developed for young married couples to be played in local melas/haats, wall Torans, local display materials to target young community members. The emphasis was on visual aids since language was a barrier among tribal population.

  1. 5.  Promotional film on Eco-Sanitation

Fourth Dimension developed a 20 minutes promotional film WASH India and SEI Sweden financed by SIDA  to showcase key achievements across the seven pilot projects introduced in Bihar under SIDA financed action research in collaboration with WASHi, and SEI, Sweden. The film presents both context and concept of innovative sanitation and hygiene procedures carried out in schools, institutions, rural and urban community settings and showcased how these sites demonstrated the working integration of ecosan, water savings, safe reuse of nutrients, soil-enhancing capabilities in humanure. 

  1. 6.  Visual Narratives for Publication and Exhibition

Fourth Dimension developed visual narratives for publication and exhibition titled Voice for Change - A Post-2015 Development Agenda by People Living in Poverty for Praxis Institute for Participatory Practices, New Delhi supported by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. One out of the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) is to ensure Healthy Lives by decreasing maternal mortality ratio and facilitating universal sexual and reproductive health rights. 14 Ground Level Panel (GLP) members from urban poor, sexual minorities, transgender, handicap from across India were invited to review their lives against the MDGs. They deliberated and recommended on the 12 goals for the post-2015 development framework to the High Level Panel of United Nations member states. Their expressions and feelings of GLPs were conceptualized and analyzed to develop series of 75 final visual narratives (illustrations & visual) for final publication titled Voice for Change. The representatives of the GLPs put up an exhibition attended widely by civil society, media and prominent policy makers.

  1. 7.  Interactive Communication Aids

Fourth Dimension was shortlisted to develop interactive communication and training aids (audio-visual and print ready) to be used at various platforms for Bihar health and Frontline workers. The project was delivered to IHFI CARE Programme funded by Bill Gates Melinda Foundation.

The objective of the CARE-IHFI project was to strengthen the focus of the frontline workers (ASHA, AWW and ANM) of the health system on a set of evidence-based interventions. This involved providing incremental training to them at different platforms at the block, sub-centers and village levels. The communication and training aids were customized, supervisory to be used as learning materials. The technical and operational content was provided by CARE technical team and media and communication formats were developed as per appropriate cultural context. Print ready technical reference material with photographs was developed in compatible style booklets to be used by the FLWs.

  1. 8.  IEC and visual materials for Malaria and Kala Azar

Fourth Dimension develop IEC and visual materials for Malaria and Kala Azar elimination in Bihar for New Concepts Delhi which was supported by National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme. Range of creative and visual prototypes were developed such as Flip books, Comic books, FAQs, pictorial Pamphlets etc for the target group. All the photographs and visual materials were field tested in selected Malaria and Kala Azar prone locations before finalizing and printing.   


  1. 1.  Road map on Institutional Development of Value Chain Approach for Agri-business

Fourth Dimension developed Road map on Institutional Development of Value Chain Approach for Agri-business in Bihar for IL&FS Cluster Development Initiative Limited supported by Technical Assistance  programme of Asian Development Bank. FD was was one of the partner agency to facilitate collection of value chain data from 11 districts of Bihar, collate information and present marketing system and issues, procurement mechanism, farmers groups, community Institutions, quality standards, government support, scope of value addition etc. Fourth Dimension supported in preparing the study schedules for different respondents, supported the field study, provided specific inputs in final strategy report on the status of farmers’ groups, community institutions, communication (failed attempts and successful models), Case studies, including around Geographical Indicator System, Outreach and Capacity building.

  1. 2.  Review of schemes of the Government of Bihar

Fourth Dimension reviewed selected schemes of the Government of Bihar favoring girl children for Actionaid with support from DFID UK Aid. FD conducted schedule based study in a total 280 sample households to profile schooling/attitude at home/age at marriage etc using random number table on list of members of concerned in the study villages. Along with it facility visit and head count of children in schools and Anganwadi was also carried out to see girl children attendance, availability/uptake of midday meal etc. Total 25 FGDs at a common place were conducted with members of women SHGs, cluster level groups, adolescent girls & boys on topics which are conducive to "feeling the pulse" and cross verify the perspective. Right to Information applications were filed on relevant departments for aspects relevant to the study; name of scheme, number of beneficiaries, extent of fund utilised, money reverted for girl child returned un-expended etc.

  1. 3.  Baseline study

The objective of the baseline study was to provide an independently assess information base against which the project progress can be monitored and assessed for effective implementation and after project is completed. Fourth Dimension conducted Baseline study of weavers of Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) which was implemented by AIACA, EDI and HWA and funded by Traidcraft (DFID PACS and European Union). Traidcraft along with All India Artisan and Craft Workers Welfare Association implemented two projects - DFID's PACS and European Union Going Green. Baseline study is an early element of the project monitoring framework. A detailed baseline on income, access to scheme, status of handicraft, looms, source of credit, market linkages, existing product range, detailed technical issues etc were profiled.

  1. 4.  Project Evaluation

Fourth Dimension was contracted by Traidcraft-UK to evaluate a project titled ‘Sustainable solutions in the fight against Child labour in home-based craft production’ funded by European Union.  Traidcraft Exchange, Centre for Education and Communication & Fair Trade Forum were the implementing partners. Children are roped in for long hours depriving them of the opportunity for education, play and to learn valuable alternate skills. Fourth Dimension designed the evaluation to assess the project against its own stated goals and objectives and to derive learning for Traidcraft and its partners, identify impact and ways it can be sustained and provide an analysis to which project funds have been used efficiently and effectively. The project's primary beneficiaries are child laborers engaged in home-based crafts. The three year project sought to ensure quality formal education for such children implemented in western Uttar Pradesh, which includes the districts of - Agra, Ferozabad, Moradabad, Saharanpur and Buland Shahar and second area was  National Capital Region (including Noida, Gurgaon) of Delhi.

  1. 5.  Strategy to Market Textile Handicrafts

Fourth Dimension developed a detailed strategy to market textile handicrafts  produced in Barmer district, Rajasthan for Access Development Services, New Delhi. ADS was working to ensure greater off take of Textile Handicrafts (Appliqué/Embroidery, Handloom, Weaving i.e. Pattu), native to Barmer district. Fourth Dimension’s did SWOT analysis, studied current scenario, assessed existing market size of the crafts and the competitive products, assessed support being provided to the target beneficiaries and what additional may be needed. FD study team visited 82 craft stores and outlets which included branches of the same brand or to be precise 65 distinct handicraft/handloom outlets in Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Jaipur and Bangalore to survey and observe shelf space, price range, design mix, interact with store managers, product sourcing managers, customers to identify preference of product ranges/designs/colours. Based on the comprehensive study the detailed strategy to market handicrafts produced in Barmer was developed.

  1. 6.  Community Managed Program Monitoring System

Fourth Dimension prepared Community Managed Program Monitoring System for Right Based project network in Jharkhand state funded by DFID UK. In consultation with the community members specially women and children series of simple pictorial cards were developed which they could understand and relate. Key measuring indicators of government services like health, education, public distribution system PDS, sanitation were proposed by them to visually monitor effectiveness, quality, accessibility of the services provided by the state. The entire CMPM system is a pictorial glossary document. 


  1. 1.  Baseline and diagnostic study for DPR with BDP

A detailed baseline and diagnostic study was conducted in Kutch Gujurat to prepare a Detailed Project Report (DPR) for formation of a major OFPO on Embroidery & Weaving clusters for DDM NABARD. The project was completed post lockdown and submitted to NABARD in September 2020. The traditional artisans from both embroidery and handloom clusters belong to five talukas of 16 villages which were spread across five blocks of Kutch district of Gujarat. Total 237 artisan households were profiled as part of the diagnostic study. Thereafter Fourth Dimension prepared detailed Business Development Plan

  1. 2.  Need Assessment Survey and Design Clinic Workshops

Two detailed Need Assessment Surveys and Design Clinic Workshops were conducted in  Jitbarpur Madhubani district of Bihar and second in Barpeta district of Assam as partial fulfillment of ‘Design Awareness Programme’ under the framework of MSME scheme for NID-DCS-MSME GoI. The objective of the assignment was to highlight the status of both the MSME clusters in Madhubani painting and Barpeta traditional firework. After concluding the NAS, a five days design clinic workshops were organised in both the locations with the cluster participants. Recommendations were made for the betterment of the cluster, with focus on design intervention at various stages.  The main source of information was from the proprietors of the MSMEs units and the associated artisans who are primary beneficiary of the programme.

  1. 3.  Social Audit of Mid-Day Meals

Fourth Dimension was assigned to conduct social audit of MDM in 55 sample schools and Public Hearings in Bihar for Directorate of Mid-Day Meals, Government of Bihar, Ministry of HRD, GoI, School Management Committees (SMCs) and guardians were first oriented about MDM facilities in the schools. FD team facilitated in conducting Social Audits in all the schools along with SMCs MDM processes impacting on the health of the child. Among host of issues the SMC audited quality of food grain, safe drinking water, sanitation facilities for boys and girls, kitchen and storage shed, cleanliness & hygiene practices followed in cooking process, nature of convergence between different functionaries and line departments from Education, MDM and general administration etc. The process was empowering for the community members and SMCs to demand information from the duty holders and implementing agencies. The Public Hearing processes enhanced the quality of MDM and brought multiple perspectives to address the issues of equity and equality.

  1. 4.  Project Evaluation of Action Research Pilot Projects

FD was invited to conduct project evaluation of seven Action Research Pilot Projects in Bihar which were implemented by WASH Institute funded by Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA). The projects were initiated to introduce innovative and ecological sanitation ‘Ecosan’ and hygiene procedures in schools, institutions and community. The pilot projects were expected to demonstrate integrated approach to sustainable sanitation, water saving, reduce water contamination, safe reuse of nutrients, soil-enhancing capabilities in humanure etc. Fourth Dimension evaluated the end results and analyzed the key outcomes of the seven action research pilot projects in West Champaran, Nalanda, Khushrupur (Rural Patna), Tarumitra, Prakash School and Urine nutrient testing Lab in Patna district, Bihar India.

  1. 5.  Socio-Cultural Diagnostic Study

Fourth Dimension conducted the Socio-Cultural diagnostic field study for joint project between Water for People and ONE DROP, Canada in Sheohar district of Bihar. The study included findings of 40 educational institutions; aided and unaided primary, upper primary, high schools, Muslim religious instructing institutions called Madarsa, two colleges. Additionally seven schools were profiled with the students as also with the school management to triangulate findings by juxtaposition. The team covered 22 locations across the district under the study. In each village 15 houses/shelters were included in family profiling and total 371 household were profiled.  21 Focus Group Discussions with women and/ or adolescent girls were conducted.

  1. 6.  Research study on Declining Sex Ratio

FD conducted research study on Declining Sex Ratio in Bihar for Actionaid Bihar Regional Office. AAI was implementing a DFID supported project 'Campaign to combat Declining Sex Ratio in Bihar' focusing five focused districts of Bihar. For the sample study FD covered 40 villages under 10 panchayats targeting women, adolescent girls and teenage girls (from Dalit/ Mahadalit/Trgibal/Urban poor/Muslims). The project also engaged cross cutting issues of women, adolescent girls, children and people with disabilities

  1. 7.  Gender and tribal sensitivity budget analysis

Fourth Dimension was contracted to conduct a Gender and Tribal sensitive budget analyses study for Chattisgarh and Jharhkhand state Governments over 3 years period for Find Your Feet. The study was conducted as part of FYF ‘Johar’ project to empower tribal communities to address their poverty through improved access to Indian public services in both the states. The main focus of the study was to provide a snapshot of the effectiveness of Government’s putting policy into place in regards to women and Adivasis through state budgets. Fourth Dimension presented detailed recommendations for project partners, civil society and the government, in order to provide a framework for accountability and action for the future. FD conducting more than 30 FGDs in the interiors and inaccessible tribal locations of Chattisgarh & Jharkhand to hold consultations with the Adivasi women, men, adolescent girls, school & hostel tribal girls and boys and also validate ground findings.


  1. 1.  Orientation of Sanitation Workers, hospital staff and high-rise residents during pandemic

Fourth Dimension founder member was appointed by Patna Municipal Corporation (PMC) as one of Six COVID Warriors. 5000 Sanitation Workers from six Municipal Circles and 75 wards under Patna Municipality were oriented and trained during Covid19 pandemic crisis in April-May 2020 during lockdown.  In addition in each ward pregnant women, patients, ultra-poor, vulnerable individuals etc were identified to provide counseling, critical care support and also informing about toll free number for any emergency. Hospital staffs were orientated on safe disposal of (bio-medical waste) and the high rise apartment residential societies were sensitized on garbage segregation (dry & wet) at home level.

  1. 2.  Toolkit for Jute Development Producers

Fourth Dimension developed a printable Toolkit in Bangla on Jute Development Producers in West Bengal, India for European Union and Traidcraft Exchange. The final content for the Toolkit was developed from secondary information provided by the implementing partners and additional information through internet and sample field research. The final Toolkit content covers environmental and social sustainability issues as well as key business elements that need to be considered for a Jute Development Producing SMEs to ensure that the initiative are sustainable. English content was first developed and then translated in Bengali.  Total 15 chapters on different topics related to eco-friendly and business issues have been covered which were printed and disseminated.

  1. 3.  Design development & Value addition for Palm leaf engraved products

Fourth Dimension carried out a detailed market intelligence study before the 2020 lockdown in five Indian metro state capitals. Thereafter on-site 30 days design development and value addition workshop was conducted for thirty Palm leaf Engraved/Etched artisans from Phulltota cluster close to Raghorajpur of Puri district, Odisha. The project was supported by SIDAC, Directorate of handicrafts, Odisha and organized by DIC Puri district Odisha.

  1. 4.  BCC Training Module Framework

Fourth Dimension developed BCC Training Module Framework for BRLP JEEViKA a project under  National Rural Livelihood Mission supported by World Bank. BRLP JEEViKA desired that all its functionaries, especially those who are regularly interacting with the community require inputs to become better communicators and facilitators to run training programmes more effectively. Fourth Dimension interacted with BRLPS JEEViKA project staff and community cadres in two districts, observed actual trainings situations, facilitation skills and also reviewed the existing training materials. Based on the gap analysis the BCC Training Module framework was developed. 


  1. 1.  Trends in Clinical data

Fourth Dimension recently developed a trending infrastructure using Python modules to study trends in clinical data. The data from diagnostic tests was integrated to existing client database using filters to capture and visualize outliers.

  1. 2.  Social Impact Assessments

Fourth Dimension has been extensively conducted series of Social Impact Assessments (SIA) to analyze social and economic consequences of small land owners due to loss of land as land being acquired by the state for different projects being implemented in Bihar.  Questionnaires were designed to collect field data on tablets from different categories of land owners and uploaded. The final data was later analyzed, compared and synthesized to generate data models in forms of visual charts and tables in the final report. 

  1. 3.  Gender and Tribal sensitive budget analyses

Fourth Dimension conducted Gender and Tribal sensitive budget analyses to inform and debate about appropriate allocation of public expenditure for women and Tribals Adivasis commissioned by Find Your Feet-UK. The team customized data collection methods to source extensive financial related data under different schemes from primary and secondary source in Jharkhand and Chattisgarh. Data filters were developed for comparative analysis to present final report with data modeling techniques.

  1. 4.  Data analysis on status of poor and landless

Fourth Dimension conducted data analysis on status of poor and landless Tenant farmers/Sharecroppers (Bataidars) and marginal farmers by collecting data from 23 sample villages in 09 districts to identify the ground realities.