20 years of experience

What Drives us:

Fourth Dimension believes that true ingenuity and imagination lies in the ability to connect the dots between random points which are seemingly unconnected. Our efforts help to find those missing links that gives our work the desired context, relevance and meaning.


Our Strength:

With its virtual offices, the core team members have networked both online with onsite with international and national donor agencies for 2 decades. By 2010, Fourth Dimension had gained reasonable credibility and engaged with large scale projects and assignments.
During the 2020 pandemic when the world attempting to shift to online mode, Fourth Dimension was already geared to respond to all challenging situation and proved itself to be as efficient as ever in the new normal.

Our Aim:

Since inception Fourth Dimension has always strived hard to customize its services to the changing demands and challenges of its clients by leveraging our core strengths, expertise and professional competencies.