Reinforcing Academic Acumen

Our core FD members have made efforts to increase the levels of quality teaching across their own specialized subject domains. They have adequate knowledge, clarity and expertise on ways to develop their respective subject domain modules.

What drives us:

More than a decade, Fourth Dimension Founder member, Shirsendu has been motivated by an intrinsic interest to gain understanding of the forms of cognitive processes and ways to improve pedagogical decisions. His passion to teach, mentor and motivate young minds keeps him engaged with craft, design and development management schools in India as Visiting Professor and Fellow.

Academic Background and Past Work:

Shirsendu has anchored several assignments assimilating wide design application on various thematic spectrums across complex design and development sector. He was associated with NID Ahmedabad & IICD Jaipur as fulltime senior Professor with institutional responsibilities as HoD, Outreach Chairperson, Dean. Teaching and hosting modules for graduates, postgraduates and research scholars on wide subjects related to Design fundamentals, Communication, Development Management and Legal aspects, apart from hosting tailored seminars, workshops and webinars.

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Our expertise:

Shirsendu holds expertise in institutional building, setting up and handhold design resource centres, cells, design departments in India. He and his associates have prepared customized craft & design curriculum, offer interactive course modules, workshops on range of topics, imparts relevant skill & technical knowledge, audits & review courses, develops design curriculum. Shirsendu regularly participates as an expert Jury member & evaluator, mentors final year design students and researcher scholars.

Courses Taught

  • Drawing-I (Human & Object)
  • Drawing-II (Isometric & Analytical)
  • Design Drawing for Visualization
  • Analytical & Orthography Drawing
  • Illustration Design II
  • Visual Representation Techniques
  • Graphic Representation & Technical Drawing-2
  • Layout and Documentation Skills
  • Elements of Moving Images
  • Design Fundamentals
  • Design Process
  • Design Methodology for Fashion
  • Universal Design
  • Design for Special Needs
  • Packaging Design
  • Elements of 2D Form
  • Communication Theory
  • Application of Graphic Design in Social Communication
  • Understanding Public Communication Systems
  • Introduction to Advertisement
  • Creative Advertising & Media Planning
  • Branding and Brand Communication
  • Fashion Styling Level 1
  • Skill based Craft Exposure
  • Research Methodology and Craft Study
  • Social Mobilisation
  • Introduction to Visual Culture
  • Introduction to Indian Society, Culture & Material Culture
  • Research Methodology
  • Environmental Perception
  • Design & Environment
  • Sustainable Livelihood Systems
  • Design Strategy & Systems Thinking
  • Systems Thinking
  • Design Management
  • Individual & Group Behavior
  • Entrepreneur leadership
  • Visual Narrative
  • Visual Language in Space
  • Introduction to Space Design
  • Space & Materiality
  • Elements of Form & Space
  • Visual Merchandising
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Teachopedia: Customized Courses for you

Education has metamorphosed into learning that is prompt, online, self-driven, and flexible. With lockdown situation as a result of COVID-19, traditional academic activities virtually came to a halt. We took this challenge to address the gap to make online teaching more joyful by creating and customizing online virtual classrooms

We are highly attuned to the subtle cues of learning, and so are able to infer accurately whether the participants are making progress. The positive effect is widely visible among the participants also. We devote significant mental resources on ‘observation’ since much of the teaching practice is habitual.

Affiliation with Academic Institutions

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We will help you to reach out to wide online community to help explore their interests, gain new skills, and advance their careers. So you start with your passion, skills and knowledge.

We can help you:

  • 1) Choose a promising topic.
  • 2) Keep you organized.
  • 3) Support you with resources to help create your course modules

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For any educational support and experience through our customized workshops, online modules, seminars, and webinars, Fourth Dimension can helps you to design wide range of thematic modules.