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Fourth Dimension is a registered partnership firm which works around supporting development effort of NGOs, INGOs government entities, organisations & institutes working around Sustainable Livelihood, Off-Farm (Including Handmade products), Drinking Water & Sanitation, Public & Primary Health Care, Nutrition, Child rights, Gender, Equity and marginalized communities on their constraining attributes. Fourth Dimenson

The Small and active core team have in-depth understanding of Communication (IPC-BCC), IEC-Media Campaigns, Community & Evidence centric Research, Value Chain Analysis, Trade linkages, Capacity building & Community Mobilisation approaches. Fourth Dimension has provided both long term and short term support services spanning from three months to one year for Land & Revenue Department, Social Welfare, MSME, Access Services, UNICEF, BMGF supported IFHI-CARE, ActionAid, WASHi, Stockholm Institute, IL&FS, MSME, Water for People, Traidcraft UK, Find Your Feet, etc.

Fourth Dimenson Fourth Dimension's Founder and Managing Partner is an alumni and former faculty member (HoD and Chairperson Outreach programme) at NID between 2003-08 and Dean at Indian Institute of Craft Design, Jaipur (2008-10); an institution operating in Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode. A small and active core FD associates have in-depth understanding of develop and implement innovative ideas and networks building capacity of artisans on design, business skills and corporate practices. It has experience of working in extreme geographical and socio-political situations such as draught, earth quake, post-Tsunami, Naxal affected areas. Fourth Dimension has been working extensively in Assam, Bihar, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Odisha, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan and other places as well. The team members have short learning cycles repeatedly tested ability to hit the ground running preceeded with environment scan, analysis, community consultation, household survey to understand asset and liability position, strength and weaknesses for livelihood uptake.
Fourth Dimension has familiarity with a range of interventions attempted in India by different agencies and regularly works in convergence approach with different stakeholders.

Recent Assignment

Health, Sanitation & Social sector

Fourth Dimension conducted Socio-Cultural Diagnostic Study to develop potential Communication Solutions and Strategies in a project with focus on training, organizing, mobilizing on and impacting social behaviors in ways that are cognitive, cultural, psychological, communal and aesthetic. read more...

Livelihood & Handicrafts

Traidcraft along with All India Artisan and Craft Workers Welfare Association has begun implementing two projects - DFID's PACS and European Union Going Green in Varanasi. Baseline study is an early element of the project monitoring framework. read more...


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