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Fourth Dimension provides a comprehensive bouquet of quality services with proven skills and experiences. We connect the missing dots to create knowledge and creative solutions which are based on evidences, context and experiences. FD provides expertise and specialised services in designing and developing communication and media prototypes (Print, Documentary, Audio-video ported on to MP3 format playable on Cell phone), carrying out large scale qualitative and quantitative research studies including pre-testing of communication materials Environment scan, Analysis, Community consultation, Household Survey, Participatory Assessments, Reviews, develop Strategy & Operation plan, Value Chain Analysis etc. Fourth Dimension team has short learning cycles and have proven skills and experience which makes it eminently suited for consultancy services.

  1. Social Communication & Media
  2. Conceptualising and implementing (IPC-BCC), IEC Mid-media related campaigns, communication research, develop customised Interactive Info-entainment modules, with skill sets in Print & Graphic Design, Illustration, Caricature, Photography, Digital Films, Documentary, Animation, Participatory theatre, Audio-video ported on to MP3 format playable on Cell phone etc.

  3. Livelihood, Handicrafts & Creative Economy
  4. Consultancies around livelihood & micro enterprise (handicrafts), supporting SMEs & SHGs around Value Chain Analysis, Market & Business Plan, Social Innovations & Strategy Baseline & Endline, IPR-Geographical Indications and Design Management services.

  5. Community & Evidence based Research
  6. Conduct Action Research, Surveys, Quantitative & Qualitative Assessments, Reviews & Evaluations, Baselines/Endline, Process Documentation, Strategy & Feasibility studies around Health, Nutrition, Water, Hygiene, Sanitation and Social issues through efficient and effective use of participatory approaches and research methodologies.

  7. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  8. Support companies in preparation of CSR policy as outlined in Section 135 Company Act, 2013 read with Schedule VII and proposed CSR rules, project proposal drafting, evaluating potential partner NGOs prior to funding their activity, setting up Society or Trust (NGO) to implement CSR projects of the company, identifying people competent to be independent Director with understanding of CSR, showcasing companies CSR work through project documents, films etc

  9. Capacity building, Training Aids & ToTs
  10. Design and conduct customised and interactive Capacity Building Modules, ToT Aids & Tool Kits for Training, Advocacy, Orientation, Pilot and Handhold on range of social topics.

  11. Community Mobilization & M&E
  12. Expertise in developing customised community owned action plans, monitoring tools & social audit utilising Participatory Learning & Action methodologies.

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