Socio-Cultural Diagnostic Study in Sheohar district of Bihar

Client: Water for People and One Drop

Fourth Dimension conducted Socio-Cultural Diagnostic Study to develop potential Communication Solutions and Strategies in a project with focus on training, organizing, mobilizing on and impacting social behaviors – in ways that are cognitive, cultural, psychological, communal and aesthetic. The study covered 371 sample households on source and use of water and sanitation, menstrual hygiene, sex and age disaggregated profile of cultural life, access to community decision spaces, markets and included 21 FGDs with women and adolescent girls. 40 schools, colleges & Madarsa were also profiled.

Visual narratives for publication and exhibition titled Voice for Change - A Post-2015 Development Agenda by People Living in Poverty


Praxis Institute for Participatory Practices, (PRAXIS) New Delhi supported Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Fourteen Ground Level Panel (GLP) members from urban poor, sexual minorities, transgender, handicap from India were invited to review their lives against the MDGs. They deliberated and recommended on the 12 goals for the post-2015 development framework to the High Level Panel of United Nations member states. FD’s proprietor was invited as Communication Expert to facilitate and help conceptualize the expressions of GLPs and create series of about 75 final visual narratives for final publication titled Voice for Change. The representatives of the GLPs put up an exhibition attended widely by civil society, media and prominent policy makers. All the publications can be sourced from Praxis -

Short promotional film on Eco-Sanitation

Client: WASH India and SEI Sweden financed by SIDA

Fourth Dimension developed 20 minutes promotional film to showcase key achievements across the seven pilot projects introduced in Bihar under SIDA financed action research in collaboration with WASHi, and SEI, Sweden. The film presents both context and concept of innovative sanitation and hygiene procedures carried out in schools, institutions, community etc and showcased how these sites demonstrated the working integration of ecosan, water savings, safe reuse of nutrients, soil-enhancing capabilities in humanure. The film highlights the gender and autonomy and the experience of dealing reluctance to alternate strategies of public endorsement of adoption of Ecosan toilets by enlightened high ranking district officials which persuaded wider adoption in districts of Champaran, Nalanda etc.

Develop BCC Strategy & Communication Plan for Bihar

Client: Unicef Bihar

Fourth Dimension developed Bihar Specific Behaviour change Communication (BCC) Strategy & Communication Plan. This plan complements State Health Society, Bihar (SHSB) initiative to synergize the impact rolling out framework ensuring participatory involvement of stakeholders with defined roles for SHSB, ICDS, PHED, SC/ST, SSA, Panchayat Raj, Mahadalit Mission, JEEViKA, Mahila Samkhya and Women Development Corporation, towards addressing the identified objective needs under Health sector in Bihar.

Behaviour Change implementation framework on WATSAN, Hygiene and Menstrual Hygiene for urban slum population

Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), WASH Institute and the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)
Fourth Dimension conducted field studies in urban slums and rural panchayat involving household survey, FGDs to understand the communication barriers and difficulties in government sponsored community sanitation initiatives. Behaviour Change implementation framework on WATSAN, Hygiene and Menstrual Hygiene was developed to facilitate provision of sustainable sanitation solutions in the urban slum.

Interactive training aids on key health topics for Bihar health and Frontline workers.

IHFI CARE Programme in Bihar funded by Bill Gates Miranda Foundation Fourth Dimension developed Audio-visual training aids of 20 minutes duration and set of 70 printed technical cards on key health topics including MCH & FP used at various platforms for Frontline workers. The objective of the project was to strengthen the focus of health frontline workers on a set of evidence-based interventions providing incremental training at the block, sub-centres and village levels. Fourth Dimension pre-tested the communication materials after rendering the technical and operational content provided by CARE technical team.

Project Evaluation of WASH Institute implemented seven Action Research Pilot Projects in Bihar, India

WASH Institute and the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) supported by Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA)
Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Institute (WASHi) collaborated with Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), Sweden on three year sustainable sanitation programme in Bihar. The projects were initiated to introduce innovative and ecological sanitation ‘Ecosan’ and hygiene procedures in schools, institutions and community. The pilot projects were expected to demonstrate integrated approach to sustainable sanitation, water saving, reduce water contamination, safe reuse of nutrients, soil-enhancing capabilities in humanure etc. Fourth Dimension evaluated the end results and analyzed the key outcomes in West Champaran, Nalanda, Khushrupur (Rural Patna district of Bihar state, India), Tarumitra, Patna, Prakash School, Maner Patna and Water and Urine nutrient testing Lab in Panta. The final evaluation report helped SIDA and WASHi to communicate effectively about its development cooperation impacts, fundamental benefits from closing the loop of sanitation in line with ecosan principles, water conservation and facilitate full-fledged sanitation services both for individual houses and at community level with twin objective to protect human and environmental health and enhance agriculture yields and nutritional intake.

Review select schemes of Government of Bihar favouring girl children

Fourth Dimension’s scope of work included conducting schedule based study in total 180 sample households to profile schooling/attitude at home/age at marriage etc using random number table on list of members of concerned in the study villages. Along with it facility visit and head count of children in schools and Anganwadi was also carried out to see girl children attendance, availability/uptake of midday meal etc. FD also conducted 22 FGDs at a common place with members of women SHGs and cluster level groups, adolescent girls, girls, adolescent boys on topics which are conducive to "feeling the pulse" and cross verify the perspective. Fourth Dimension filed Right to Information applications on relevant department for aspects relevant to the study; name of scheme, number of beneficiaries, extent of fund utilised, money reverted for girl child returned un-expended etc.

IEC and visual materials for Malaria and Kala Azar elimination in Bihar

New Concepts Delhi supported by National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme.
Fourth Dimension proprietor was invited to support New Concept communication team to develop communication strategy and range of creative and visual prototypes such as Flip books, Comic books, FAQs, pictorial Pamphlets etc which were field tested in few selected Malaria and Kala Azar prone locations of Bihar before finalizing and printing.

Communication Campaign on Child Labor in UP

Client:New Concept Delhi supported by Unicef New Delhi
Fourth Dimension proprietor supported New Concept creative team to design and develop range of Flip charts, Wall Paintings, interactive Pictorial tools, Standees, reader-friendly materials such as booklet, foldable Pamphlet of Fact Sheets for school and non school going children, parents, teachers, state administration, duty bearers, departments staff, general public, policymakers, media, Private sector companies / Associations/ Unions /Employers etc. Separate communication materials and micro plan were also developed for capacity building on usage of these creative prints.

SWASTH Integrated BCC Approach and Action plan and VHND & Hand Wash campaign

Client: Bihar Technical Assistance Support Team (BTAST) SWASTH Bihar Health Reform Programme funded by DFID UK-Aid
Fourth Dimension proprietor offered two year consultancy service for SWASTH Bihar Health Reform Programme on health convergence collaborative initiative involving Bihar Health Society, NRHM, ICDS, Social Welfare Department and PHED. Exhaustive SWASTH Integrated BCC Approach and Action plan for 2011-15, action plan on hand washing campaign, integrated Village Health and Nutrition Day (VHND) campaign; innovative and interactive communication tools (Info-tainment) were developed. The objective was to promote priority behaviours for improved IPC and counseling skills for Frontline Health Workers. All the prototypes were pre-tested in the field before finalizing.

Media prototypes to introduce the concept of family planning for tribal masses

Client: UNFPA Rajasthan
Fourth Dimension conducted socio-cultural research study in two tribal blocks of Rajasthan - Dungerpur and Salumber to develop appropriate Communication Strategy. Thereafter designed contextual relevant creative & media prototypes on best ways to effectively introduce and communicate concept of family planning and family contraceptives for the tribal masses. Set of interactive games & puzzles were developed for married couples to be played in local melas/haats, wall Torans, local display materials to target young community members.

Design an illustrative manual on ‘Mother & Child Care on Pre and Post Delivery’

Client: Adult Education Department, Xavier Institute of Social Science (XISS) Ranchi
Fourth Dimension proprietor developed set of 36 illustrative visuals on ‘Mother & Child Care on Pre and Post Delivery issues which were culturally relevant for the target community of Jharkhand. These visuals were pre-tested after rendering the technical content. The illustrations were compiled and designed into an interactive manual and training tool kit to be used at various platforms by NGO and frontline grassroot health workers.

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